A few days ago, Doctor Niu was given a special gift– a silk-work from Iran. This precious gift comes from a patient called Zahra. She told us that this painting is a token of their gratitude to the hospital, especially to Doctor Niu.

Zahra Ghorashi was an anesthetist and a volleyball player in college. 9 years ago, this healthy woman was diagnosed with abdominal sarcoma. Her life moved on after done surgery in Iran. However, her cancer relapsed after 9 years. This time her condition seemed worse because cancer spreads to her lung and trachea. She could barely breathe.

Zahra went for treatments everywhere but didn’t get satisfying effect. She said she didn’t believe new anti-cancer treatments online and she didn’t like it until her niece introduced Fuda cancer hospital to them. They decided to come after prudent observation and comparison of the treatments.

She feels very good after 3 times of Nanonife treatment. She expressed her thankfulness to us in the interview: I’m very glad, I thanks god to know you (guys), and know Fuda hospital. Because I cannot do anything, you know, I don’t have air to breathe… now I walking, I start exercising, I can be with my children… go to Canada, come to Iran, come to Guangzhou. Everything is normal.

Yes, hope that everything is normal. We are always here to help you.